For us at Wider, this originally started as something we coded in-house to deploy to our clients websites, but as with a-lot of our code, we like to share – and have since launched the plugin on the official WordPress Plugin Repository for anyone to use, for free.

Although Gravity Forms offers ways of doing this with additional code (which requires a-little technical knowledge), we wanted to make this process as easy as possible for non-technical users, so Jonny; our Head of Digital, coded an easy to use options page that tightly integrates into the WordPress admin area to control the storage of form entries.

“It’s not that Gravity Forms is doing anything wrong – far from it, it’s a highly extendible plugin that we love to use. However, due to the way it works natively by backing up form entry data to the web server, it means that it does’t comply with the new upcoming GDPR laws – so it was time to provide a solution for not just our clients – but for the whole WordPress community.”
Jonny Allbut – Head of Digital at Wider

Download our plugin for free

This is completely free, Open Source code which can be used on any WordPress site without fee payable or credit given. So, if you are using WordPress and Gravity Forms, we’d highly recommend you install this plugin! You can download it from the official WordPress plugin repository here.