Grow your business through quality leads

We believe that generating quality leads from targeted traffic should be high on your agenda when considering your website. This is something that the team here at Wider live and breathe on a daily basis to ensure that all the websites we create provide our clients with the best possible value for the investment they make.

So, what is a lead generating website?

The clue is in the name. A well-crafted lead generating website produces new business leads, which nurtured in the right way, can convert into new clients for your business. The main reasons a lead generating website is highly sought after over a standard information website is they offer higher, faster growth, leading to greater profitability for your business.

Is a lead generating website right for your business?

It depends on the type of business you are. A lead generating website is not right for every type of business and a standard information website, sometimes referred to as a brochure site, can still play an important part. For example, some start ups that are in the early phase of targeting their audience, services or products or a businesses that relies on other sources to generate leads may be well suited to a standard website.

If, on the other hand, your business falls into any of these categories, which in our experience most do, a lead generating website would be a great choice for you:

  • Your main objective is to generate new leads
  • You want to share your expertise with potential clients
  • You are passionate about increasing growth and profitability
  • A key goal is to strengthen your brand and brand visibility

Here, we take a closer look at some of the key elements and functionality of a website that can be optimised for search engines to generate more and higher quality leads:


Keep your website fresh by adding a blog, allowing you to write and publish relevant, educational content on a regular basis. Articles that focus on prospective clients’ challenges or pain points are most useful. Target your posts using important phrases and keywords in headers and the main text; try to focus on what is commonly searched for by your prospects. If you narrow down your audience to just one or a few sectors, it will make your content more specific, helping to position yourself as an authority in their market. Remember, your aim is not to sell, but to offer value and demonstrate you are an expert at solving a specific challenge to a prospective client.

Call to actions

Once you’ve offered your prospect some useful, relevant content, guide your prospect into taking the next step with clear, specific call to actions. Think about the wording here, what target key phrases and language will resonate with your prospect and how they engage – make it easy for them. Consider the action you want them to take; do you want them to call you, download a useful piece of content or register for an e-newsletter?

Social media

Whenever you publish a new piece of content, re-purpose, re-package and share it on your social media platforms to drive new visitors back to your site. Social media is also an excellent way to engage prospects outside the boundaries of your website.

Social proof

Showcasing testimonials, case studies and reviews on your website with real client experiences can have great influencing power on your prospects. A happy customer taking time to endorse you, your products or services speaks volumes and is far more credible than you promoting your own greatness.

Content rich landing pages

Website landing pages are one of the most valuable tools in lead generation. They are pages with very specific content matching what your visitor is searching for.  Landing pages are particularly valuable if you take into consideration that much of the decision-making happens before the visitor even contacts you. The tone, language and quality of your content all play an integral part in whether a visitor will take the next steps and reach out to you.


This is probably the most important point to consider. Once your visitor has made a connection with you, they are not going to automatically convert into a customer without some careful nurturing along the way. From the beginning, each lead should be followed up promptly, trying to understand as much as you can about them so you can engage personally and tailor all your future communications to help convert them. Create useful, relevant content that is of value to your prospect to help them move through their journey to convert into a fully engaged and paying customer. Free e-books, guides, checklists and case studies are all great downloadable assets that can help qualify and move them down the decision making process; focus on key issues and challenges that they face.

The above list is by no means exclusive, but in our experience, they do actually work if approached strategically and with long-term results in mind, there are no quick fixes to generating leads online overnight.

Refine your process and scale up

If you follow these points you should start to see the fruits of your labour pay off. Be consistent and build your efforts slowly so it’s a more sustainable plan. Once you’ve seen some results, start to refine your process, ensuring your quality is not compromised and then scale it up. Replicate your efforts to increase the number of leads you generate using more new keywords, increasing your number of blog posts and other content assets you create and publish.

Test, test, test

It is not possible to have a lead generating website without the analytics to test what is working and what is not. Research tools such as Google Analytics can help to track information on your site’s traffic, help you understand your customers better and improve engagement between you and prospects.

Here at Wider, we’ve been building bespoke, high performance, lead generating WordPress websites for over 15 years.

Our growing client portfolio affirms the effectiveness of our work;  we strive to advance the organisations we work with to help them become more profitable. We have the results to prove it, you can take a look at a selection of our most recent work here

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