The vision for Pro Solihull aligns well with our own values of being passionate about Solihull, and committed to the success of local businesses by being actively involved in the local community.

With a 5.30pm start, our guys headed straight there from the office and were impressed to see a range of businesses from the local area attending. In fact, we also feel it’s a positive step for Solihull’s local business scene to welcome a networking group primarily focused on the professional services sector.

The set up was relaxing, not a 60 second pitch in sight, it felt open and friendly. There was a very positive, welcoming atmosphere with professionals from many sectors mingling together and having a good chat.

Pro Solihull - about the people

With the marketing landscape for small businesses changing so much over recent years, i.e. the decline of newspaper advertising and the acceleration of social media, the one constant that has remained is the power of people. Business is all about relationships, people tend to do business with people they know and trust and we think this event is a great way to start the ball rolling with an additional ‘personal touch’.

James and Jonny left the evening feeling inspired from meeting so many like-minded business people from Solihull; and are really looking forward to seeing how Pro Solihull develops in the future. Their vision aligns well with our own values of being passionate about Solihull and committed to the success of local businesses by being actively involved.

If you are from a professional services business in Solihull and interested in meeting and forging relationships with other local business men and women, be sure to keep an eye on the Pro Solihull website for news on their next meeting. Also, don’t forget to drop by the Solihull Chamber of Commerce events for more local Solihull business networking news.

*All photos: © Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, used with permission.