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When is the ideal time to take stock of your brand?

Take a moment to think about how you would answer the following questions about your brand as it stands today:

1. Do you feel your brand aligns with your target audience or is it out of touch?
2. Have you recently expanded or changed your products or service offering?
3. Does your brand still represent who you are today?
4. Is your mission and vision today different to when you first started your business?
5. When was the last time you reviewed or made changes to your brand?

Thinking about the answers to these questions should give you a fairly good indication of whether your brand is still representing your business today. If you don’t feel it is, maybe it is time to start a conversation with your local branding agency – key considerations are: your target audience, your positioning, the messages you want to convey, your tone of voice, your brand identity/logo, followed by your brand toolkit of how you will roll out a new brand:

– Content marketing
– Social media
– Email
– Marketing materials
– Case studies
– Staff and team

We recommend you do an in-depth review of your brand every time your business reviews its overall company strategy, ideally every couple of years, but this may be sooner depending on things like the rate of your business growth, introduction of new products or services, change of geographic location, change of target audience.

If you’re passionate for your business to raise its game, open up new opportunities, and keep in line with today’s aesthetic trends, what’s stopping you from taking the next step with your brand?

Consultation and Review of your Current Branding

We hope you found this article helpful. If you’d like some advice or guidance about elevating your brand, we’d love to start a conversation with you.

A rebrand doesn’t necessarily mean a new logo design or website (unless that’s what you want of course.) Subtle changes to convey a new message to a different audience can work to reinvigorate your brand and give it a fresh new appeal.

We have over 30 years combined experience of working with businesses helping them elevate their brand presence through creative and digital design.

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