KSSP Website Design Case Study

Website design and WordPress development for a membership and event booking system

Clear messaging and engaging image-led design – Kingsbury School Sports Partnership has an excellent reputation for leading PE and sport within North and East Birmingham, providing sporting events and support to over 30 schools.

The Challenge

KSSP approached us to redesign their website, which was previously built on an old, inflexible bespoke Content Management System and event booking system that no-longer met their requirements. We were set two primary objectives; create a more flexible content management experience for the KSSP team, whilst building a complete bespoke event management and booking system that was easy to use for their member schools to encourage engagement and sporting participation.

Our Approach

We began by arranging workshops with the client to go through all of their internal event creation and management processes in detail. Their current system lacked some essential functionality, resulting in staff resources being wasted and ‘work-arounds’ to get around short-comings.

After mapping out all internal functionality, we focused on how users interact with the booking system and website as a whole. Our priorities were to make it as quick and easy as possible for users to complete and manage their bookings, along with profile editors and other ‘members only’ resources.

The Execution

We set to work designing a website with user experience at its core, with a strong focus on modernising the overall look using engaging photography and videography. Working closely with the KSSP team, we were able to distill the qualities of their existing brand and ensure this was translated into the new site design, with our new creative working in perfect synergy with their existing logo, identity and values.

Using completely bespoke code developed specifically for this client, we extended the WordPress core platform to accommodate all of the clients specific requirements. Of particular interest from a technical point-of-view is how we harnessed the new WordPress Rest API to drive a very efficient event calendar system.

In addition to this, other components we developed included a sophisticated events creation and management tool and associated events booking system, a back-office reporting system and enhanced communication tools.

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