We’re an agency that design WordPress websites aimed at driving traffic, generating leads, increasing engagement.

We plan, design, develop and optimise WordPress websites and offer full support and advice on how to maximize results.

Attractive & Engaging Websites

Using the best coding practices and proven streamlined technologies, we work to ensure your site is lean and efficient for better performance, faster loading pages and most importantly a great all-round experience for the user.

We’ve been building websites on WordPress since it’s inception and customise the content editor to make it easy, intuitive and a pleasure for you to manage.

High-Performance Website Design

Our bespoke websites perform better because our clients update them regularly. New content, images, posts, pages and articles ensure your website stays fresh and relevant, this in turn, encourages Google to push your website further up the page results drawing more visitors to your published content.

If the site is easy and enjoyable for you to update and maintain it will be a better performing site on Google, increase your brands value offering and empower you to get messages out quicker and easier than you’ve experienced previously.


Our Process for Successful Website Design Projects

We design, develop and deploy websites. Our many years of experience have resulted in the skill set to work on more advanced digital projects that include complex corporate websites, creative navigation, menu interface design and the creation of attractive layout variations.

We can implement and configure back-end integration, curate content, offer support with high end hosting suppliers, provide on-going maintenance, setup Google analytics and offer technical SEO, content SEO and Google optimisation.

  • Website strategy
  • Attractive landing pages
  • Configure back-end integration
  • Provide on-going maintenance
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Advanced WordPress websites

Step 1 – Website Planning

The first step in delivering a great website is to review previous experiences, find out where the new website can improve upon, uncover it’s aim and ambition, then discuss steps and strategy.

Who is the average user that you want to attract? Why should they visit your website and will they be encouraged to reach out and enquire through an email, call, social media or chat support? It’s of paramount importance to understand what success looks like for your website project in advance of design or development; it’s the catalyst to delivering a publishing platform that ticks all your requirements and supports growth for your business.

In the planning stage we’ll look at your core service offerings and how they should be structured to ensure your website visitors can find information with ease and have a pleasurable journey through it’s pages, news articles and blog posts.

We build websites that your brand or team are enthusiastic to use and ensure your business is marketing in a more effective way.


Step 2 – Website Design

When we’ve defined your sitemap and structure, researched your market and rationalised your website goals and objectives, we then progress with designing all elements of your new website.

This is where you get to see our work and how it will benefit your brand’s website.

We focus on all aspects of the website. We look at how your logo displays, extending the colour palette to complement your brand, designing prominent, consistent calls to action for buttons and navigation menus. We also look at visualising the hierarchy of messages and defining how the home page elements will work, retaining synergy with landing pages, team pages and your news articles.

Our website design process has been finessed for over 15 years and we take into account all variables of responsive, mobile multi platform view points.

Your website has a bespoke design specific to your project, we’ll work with you to explain and rationale our design decisions so you get a strategic solution that will engage and increase leads for your business.


Step 3 – Website Development

Our in-house team of developers use industry best-practices to code the agreed creative design to perfection. Each project is unique – we dedicate a high level of care and attention to select the very best proven technologies for each project.

We are specialists in WordPress, having worked with this platform for well over ten years. Every one of our WordPress websites feature completely bespoke layout design and code that’s developed just for you.

We are particularly proud of our ‘page building’ technologies – releasing you from the constraints of ‘standard’ WordPress sites. Create engaging, dynamic page layouts has never been easier, all within the framework of the creative design agreed with no coding knowledge required! We develop simple content controls that are tailor-made for your project and keep your website looking professional with consistent design, layout and typography.

We also take great measures to ensure that the code of your website is highly optimised for search engines. We build fully semantic, high performance webpage code that Google simply loves! In addition to this we cleverly optimise all of our website code to ensure that your site performs as fast as possible.


Step 4 – Website Launch

Launching your site is just the start of the process – we’ll help you monitor, maintain and refine your website, keep it up to date, improve your SEO – and can even assist with writing, photography and other content generation.

To help with your Google optimisation we can discuss your options and help your new website get found quicker by users searching for your services or products.


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